General Access Info

For information about KOKO's Access and Facilities please visit: KOKO's Disability Policy KOKO is keen to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people and to take the necessary steps to meet disabled people's needs. Bookings & Ticketing Please note the following statement from KOKO : "The KOKO venue has limited space for accessibility. Accessibility tickets are only purchasable through the KOKO website and once these tickets have been sold, we cannot accept any further accessibility requests. If you require Accessibility tickets and these are no longer available, please do not purchase a GA ticket and expect to be accommodated as these will be refused. This is a strict policy to make sure the venue is safe for all customers. Tickets will be verified on the door so please be aware that if you have bought an access ticket and do not have access requirements, you will be refused entry to the venue." There are 3 types of access ticket. ACCESS 1 = 1x Wheelchair Space + 1x Complimentary PA Ticket + Queue Jump Entry ACCESS 2 = 1x Seated Space + 1x Complimentary PA Ticket + Queue Jump Entry ACCESS 3 = 1x Complimentary PA Ticket + Queue Jump Entry Only Please make sure you buy the right ticket for this show and let us know as soon as it has been purchased via email with any further requirements. For further information please see and if you have any questions regarding accessibility contact